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What is Forensic Gait Analysis

Forensic Gait Analysis is the identification of persons by the style and features of their walk and involves the examination of the unique features of an individual’s gait. This is within the medical field of Podiatry which also involves biomechanics - the study of the forces acting on the human body. Our forensic gait analysis is applied in recognising persons, providing opinions, reports and which can be used for court purposes.
Forensic Gait Analysis involves the examination of types of body movements which are interpreted by clinical, qualitative and quantitative methods. An opinion is provided on the persons gait, posture and the aspects which are particular to that person. We can also state whether these are within normal bounds and so save time with the investigation and the case.
Analysis of walking styles from video and CCTV
CCTV forensic gait image analysis
Gait recognition from CCTV and video footage